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We are the Opus Professional Services Group, the most innovative and entrepreneurial recruitment businesses in the industry.

We have an exceptional story. We started with four friends in a box room in Bristol in 2008, and we’ve grown to hundreds of staff in offices across the globe. We are proud to have made it onto Virgin’s list of the 100 fastest growing companies in the UK, not once, but every year since 2012 published in the Sunday Times.

50% CAGR

5 International Offices

7 Brands

why opus

Our shared values and vision means you find yourself having fun and loving your job, alongside inspiring people and their shared hunger for success.


“When I heard about the opportunity to help take the Group to the next level, I was incredibly excited. The business has had an incredible growth story and since joining I have felt a real sense of community, shared purpose and support.”

Amy Golding

Managing Director

“Being involved in the launch of a new brand within the group has been an awesome experience. We are now an award-winning business, with some of the fastest growth the industry has seen.”

Raphael Penque

Sales Manager

“My greatest achievement at Opus was moving to Sydney to set up the office. We went on to be one of the fastest growing teams in the business.”

Rich Morrish

Associate Director

“My greatest achievement was winning the Recruiter Award for Most Inspiring Newcomer. Just being nominated by the business was an honour itself but winning it was an incredible feeling.”

Freddie Short

Contracts Division Manager

“I’ve been with Opus since the very early days and enjoyed every minute of it. Now I’m a parent but I am still reaping the rewards of the commission structure whilst on part time hours.“

Samantha Miller

Associate director

“My favourite thing about working here is the environment. Everyone is genuinely out to help each other. I even managed to buy a house within my first six months.”

Christian Lewis

Recruitment Consultant

“I wanted to work for a company with a strong ethos. Opus is a hard-working business with high performers and I wanted to become a part of that.”

Shana Dalley

Recruitment Consultant


Recruitment is one of the most entrepreneurial graduate career choices, and we always value meritocracy over hierarchy. With our training, you will earn more money than your manager in just two years; take advantage of our great training platform where we invest in you. You will gain complete autonomy and grow into an advisory partner to our valued clients.

Four week introduction

Get to know your job, your team, your tools and unleash your potential.


Get to know the theory through practical role play in a safe environment.

Live Calling

We help you build confidence when calling candidates and clients.

On the job

We are all here to support one another – all you need to do is ask the questions.

121 Coaching

Everyone learns differently, so we run individual sessions to support you.


You’re continuously supported with your own dedicated mentor.


You can have the opportunity to travel with us through our international deployment programme. 16% of our employees are based overseas, and this figure continues to grow with the support we offer.


Get fast-tracked to success by joining as an experienced Consultant. Advance your career and have the opportunity to showcase your entrepreneurial spirit. Our professional development is designed to enhance your leadership skills and could even seeing you launching your own division.

Emerging Leadership course

Management Development

External mentor


The recruitment industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. With 20,000 businesses in the UK alone, the global worth now exceeds £300billion.

Recruitment emerged as a result of WWII, as soldiers were called to the front lines, gaps began to emerge in the work-place and there became an increasing demand for talent.


Recruitment is born! People are recruited to fill the talent gap that stemmed from the war.


People start to develop their CVs and recruiters ensure candidates find employment.


A shift in focus as Recruiters begin to work for the client.


The industry gains momentum – bulletin boards and newspaper ads become the first job boards.


The internet is launched and the recruitment game is revolutionised.


The global recruitment industry is worth over £300billion!