Opus working in partnership with Cardiff Met

cardiff met opus partnership

Opus Professional Services Group are very proud to become the official sponsor for the Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Graduate Fair.

The global specialist recruitment firm is excited to be working in partnership with Cardiff Met, offering better employment opportunities for graduates.

Opus will open the employment prospects for both undergraduates and graduates through working in partnership with the University.

Opus will be the primary sponsor of the Cardiff Met Careers fair in October, inviting companies to showcase their graduate programmes to find suitable opportunities for students. Opus will also assist with educating students and alumni on how to prepare themselves for their professional future; with workshops on personal branding, CV writing and interviewing techniques.

Group Talent Director, Katie Dowling, comments, “We’re really excited to be working in partnership with Cardiff Met, I feel that there is an alignment in terms of the values, attitudes and motivations of the two organisations. With a student population of 12,000, we want to add value to their higher education experience by providing them with relevant employment training, preparing students for their journey into the world of work.

“We also want to encourage students to apply for a role working with the Opus group. Opus have a diverse range of professional services brands from IT, Finance, Architecture to Public Sector and Energy and Power. We have international opportunities across 4 continents.  Opus also have some of the most impressive career progression and professional development in the industry. 50% of our Directors joined Opus as Consultants and we want to help Cardiff Met students aspire for and achieve success.”


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Recruitment International

Meet our new Bristol HQ

  • By Astrid Hall
  • Published 24th May 2017
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Global recruitment firm, the Opus Professional Services Group, have relocated their Bristol HQ to a newly refurbished office space in Portwall Place near St Mary Redcliff Church.

The 15,000sqft office space has undergone a stunning transformation. Designed in conjunction with Wylde Interior Architecture, the renovation offers creative co-working space for an agile working environment.

The extensive fit out, provided by McFeggan Brown and Artworks Solutions Ltd., features modern breakout space and complementary gym for employees.

The open plan office houses 180 employees, a 30% increase on the company’s previous space. This is to accommodate their talent hiring drive, which will see more global expansion over 2017 and 2018.


Bristol is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities in the UK to live and work in. If you’d like to express an interest in joining the Bristol office, please call 0117 9689 292 or email your CV to


View our video here and images below for a sneak peak into the HQ of a global recruitment service provider.


JDR Energy win Recruitment Agency of the Year at the Recruiter Awards

JDR Energy win Recruitment Agency of the Year at the Recruiter Awards

JDR Energy have been named Recruitment Agency of the Year (up to 10 employees) at this year’s Recruiter Awards, recognising their stand-out series of accomplishments since their inception.

Having only been founded in March 2015, this award is a testament to the incredible achievements that JDR Energy have attained in a short space of time.

Not only did this award acknowledge financial stability and profitability, but also considered JDR Energy’s contribution in enhancing the recruitment industry’s reputation in the wider UK business arena. Under the leadership of Managing Director, Jack Rawcliffe, JDR Energy’s drive and ambition teamed with their knowledge and passion for the evolving energy market make them a force to be reckoned with.

In attendance at last night’s awards ceremony at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel, Rawcliffe said: “We are absolutely ecstatic to have won this award – it’s overwhelming to think that just two years ago, JDR hadn’t even started trading. I feel very privileged to have won such an accolade that recognises the efforts of the team, who are continuously grafting, day in, day out to surpass their own high standards.”

Over the past 18 months, JDR Energy have achieved unparalleled exponential growth, seeing turnover increase by 1,200% and gross profit rise by 377% year-on-year. As a result, they have begun strategically expanding their reach by opening their first international office in New York in February of this year.

With these ambitious expansion plans, they have more than tripled their headcount and continue to look for passionate and ambitious individuals to join their global teams.

For more information on openings with JDR Energy, you can reach the team directly on or visit

Join our Amsterdam Grad Scheme

kings day

We are holding our first ever Graduate Scheme in Amsterdam starting this summer!

We will fly UK Graduates over to Amsterdam, pay for your accommodation and provide you with 2 days of fun!

Whether you’re a UK graduate looking for an international opportunity, or a Dutch Graduate, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Please contact Rebecca Blackmore for more information-

Our Group CEO, MD and COO feature in new series of Top Recruiter

  • By Astrid Hall
  • Published 28th March 2017
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Watch the trailer for the latest series of Top Recruiter featuring our Group CEO, MD and COO!


To find out more about working about working for the Opus Professional Services Group have a look at our careers page or get in touch!

New Managing Director, Amy Golding, joins the Opus Group

We’re pleased to announce that expert business strategist, Amy Golding, is joining the Opus Professional Services Group as Managing Director.

Founder of Recruitment Entrepreneur, Amy Golding has an extensive professional scope of consulting and business strategy experience. Following four years at Deloitte, she went on to become the personal business advisor to James Caan. Amy’s entrepreneurial flair saw her launch and propel Recruitment Entrepreneur, a Venture Capital fund, to a turnover of £17million in three years.

amy golding joins group opus

Amy Golding is joining the Opus Group as Group Managing Director to oversee the strategic plans to further expand the global recruitment firm. Using her consultative ability and wealth of experience, she will be integral in maintaining the fast-growth legacy of the Group to its next landmark of £100million turnover.

With nine recruitment brands and offices throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and America, Amy will oversee and direct the performance of over 210 staff. Following their fifth year of high growth financials in line with the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100, Amy has been introduced to focus on profitability; as well as leading the specialist recruitment provider to six years of growth results in standing with the Virgin Fast Track criteria.

Plans to hire over 70 employees in 2017 with additional offices will be executed with utmost precision with the help of Amy Golding’s long-standing and successful career in the recruitment and business advisory arena.

Amy Golding comments, “Throughout my years in the recruitment industry, I’ve always kept an eye on the Opus Group and met Darren Ryemill [CEO, Opus Professional Services Group] a few times. Opus PSG is one of very few recruitment companies that has achieved this level of growth without ever having taken external investment. When I heard about the opportunity to help take the Group to the next level, I was incredibly excited.

“The business has had an incredible growth story and since joining I have felt a real sense of community, shared purpose and support. I’m extremely excited to be responsible for helping Opus continue it’s impressive journey.”

International Women’s Day 2017: #BeBoldForChange

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re looking at what makes female leaders successful, particularly showcasing some of the extraordinary talent on our own senior management team.

According to Salesforce’s Area Vice President, Damilola Erinle, having women in at least 30% of leadership positions in a company is proven to add 6% to a company’s net profit margin. Despite the value of women’s contribution to the world of business, there is still substantial work to be done for gender equality at work:

  • Women make up just 16% of senior executives on the FTSE 350
  • The gender gap will only close in 2186 if progress remains at its current rate
  • Female staff suffer a shortfall of £47,000 in employer contributions over their working life

As recruitment specialists, it’s obvious to us that gender is irrelevant when it comes to talent. Here are what a few of the most successful women here at Opus have to say about their career journeys and how women succeed in business.

Amy Golding – Group Managing Director, Opus Professional Services Group


An expert in the business side of recruitment, Amy Golding was previously a Senior Strategy Consultant with Deloitte and James Caan’s business adviser before starting up her own company Recruitment Entrepreneur in January 2014.

With in-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry, Amy has recently joined the Opus group as Group Managing Director.

Do you think there are any differences between male and female leadership styles?

I’ve actually never reported to a woman or had a woman as a boss, which in itself is concerning! I do find, though, that leadership styles have more to do with personality type and experience than gender. If I try and segment the various people in our business into ‘management styles’, it’s not at all clear-cut by gender.

There’s also a big difference between leadership and management; a good leader will explain what the plan is and everyone will want to follow it, whereas a good manager will focus on making sure everyone sticks to the plan. People tend to be good at either one or the other in my experience.

What do you think is holding us back as a society from having more women in positions of power?

There are more CEOs named John in the FTSE 100 than there are women. At the more senior level, recruitment tends to be a male dominated industry. Female leaders still aren’t considered the norm.

In my early career this made me think that to get ahead in business, I would have to act more like a man. I was once told in an official review that “if you want to get ahead here, you will have to be less girly”.

A mentor of mine would often explain that to be successful “you have to take all the emotion out of business”. As I’ve grown in confidence in my career, I’ve realised that I don’t agree with that – and that it’s ok for me to not agree. I actually think that my emotional connection to my work and the people I work with is one of my strongest leadership qualities.  Being the best version of yourself creates a much more natural and comfortable leadership style, rather than trying to act out some sort of 1980s movie version of a CEO persona!

Alex Meah – HR Manager, Opus Professional Services Group

With a 1st class Honours Degree in Business & HR and a Level 5 Assoc CIPD certification in Human Resources Management, Alex is not only highly qualified but widely experienced across recruitment and HR. A top biller during her engineering recruitment career, Alex now expertly takes care of all Opus’ HR needs.

How does Opus create a supportive environment for women throughout their careers?

It’s the perception of powerful women here that fosters the environment they have succeeded in. At Opus we have so many successful women in senior positions – Catherine McLean (Managing Director of McLean Ross), Charmaine Kenny (Co-Founder and Managing Director of Baltimore Consulting), Katie Dowling (Global Talent Director), to name just a few. Their capacity to thrive in this environment inspires other women to follow them.

In terms of the benefits we have here, a big proportion of staff at Opus use our flexi-working arrangements. Being able to access technology externally through the remote desktop makes it even easier for staff to work from home, too.

If you could do anyone’s job for a day, who would you choose and why?

I’ve always been envious of the role of coaches who train high-performing teams. There’s so much psychology behind what a coach does, as there are so many egos to manage and, with the world watching, there’s pressure to motivate players to deliver their best possible performance.

If I had to pick any team, I’m Welsh so it’d have to be the Welsh rugby team, in spite of their very disappointing recent performance – I’d be having a few words with them!

Astrid Hall – Marketing Manager, Opus Professional Services Group  

With a 1st class honours degree in Journalism, Astrid was Opus’ first ever specialist Marketing employee, joining in 2014. Since then, as Marketing Manager, she has built a Marketing team of six from scratch, named Employee of the Year and even been nominated for an industry award.

What has been your proudest accomplishment in your career so far?

Apart from being promoted to Marketing Manager, I would say being awarded Opus’ Non-Sales Employee of the Year 2015 was my biggest achievement, which I won after just over a year of being at Opus.

Normally people who achieved that had been there for much longer – it felt good to be recognised so early on in my career at Opus and at such an early stage.

Do you think there are any differences between male and female leadership styles?

I think people often assume men undertake positions of leadership because their natural qualities boast dominance or aggression, but most female leaders I come across will also possess these ‘masculine’ characteristics.

That being said, I still think women can make great leaders without being dominant or aggressive. It’s how they command the attention of a room; confidence, approachable or engaging. I don’t think a good leader is determined by gender but by having particular personality traits that inspire the people around them.

Charmaine Kenny – Co-Founder & Managing Director, Baltimore Consulting

With 18 years’ sales and recruitment experience, Charmaine now heads up her own public & third sector recruitment business, Baltimore Consulting (part of the Opus Group). Since its establishment in 2013, Baltimore has achieved multiple award nominations under Charmaine’s direction, as well as industry certifications for individual consultants.

How do you think we can overcome the challenges women face in business? 

I’m a true believer in knowing your audience and adapting your approach appropriately. In the business world, it’s certainly not one size fits all and we should make it our priority that whoever we’re talking to leaves with an understanding of our personal strengths and qualities, along with how they could benefit by engaging with you.

I also think that self-belief, self-development and resilience are key contributing factors and if you commit to all three, anything is possible. As clichéd as it is, people buy people and if you have the passion, desire and entrepreneurial spirit to want to succeed and 100% believe you have the skills and attributes needed, then your only challenge should ever be convincing your audience.

Who inspires you?

Karren Brady – I think she’s truly inspirational. Karren is an example of a massively successful business woman that has juggled running businesses as well as being a mother and, despite negative press, hasn’t compromised on either. Being a mother myself, I relate to her journey and it’s encouraging to know that anything is possible if you want it badly enough.

Staff want to feel valued and part of something worthwhile and children want to feel loved, so if you have high emotional intelligence and can connect with those that are around you, you will inevitably breed success.

Read Charmaine’s full interview on the Baltimore Consulting website

Lauren Peake – Senior Group Business Development Manager, Opus Professional Services Group

Having joined Opus in 2010, Lauren has seen the business grow into a renowned global company. Now Senior Group Business Development Manager, she has whiteboarded £4.6m worth of business. As an expert in relationship building, she works across multiple brands and international offices for the Opus group.

What’s your background and how did you get where you are today?

I originally joined Opus as a trainee recruitment consultant and absolutely loved working in the small team we had in Bristol – I was something like employee number 11. I quickly progressed to a senior level with the support of some of our directors – Tom Ponting and Nigel Ramana – and, when the opportunity came about, I relocated with Matt Thornton to London to open our new office there.

After working in London as a consultant for a few more years, the first business development vacancy opened following the hire of Business Development Director Sam Jenkinson. Sam approached me about the role because of my relationship building skills and my ability to work on the client side. I really enjoyed building relationships and meeting new clients.

Since then, I have worked hard and increased my profitability year-on-year. My career has grown while the business has grown and naturally I have continued to work my way up achieving aggressive targets each year.

Why aren’t there more women in leadership roles, in your opinion?

Women have clearly shown we are just as capable as men in business. I think fundamentally there are fewer women in power because as women we generally take on more responsibility raising families. I mean this from the perspective that we go through pregnancy, give birth and generally take time off for maternity leave. This shouldn’t mean there are fewer women in power, though. As time has evolved, society has changed its mentality and businesses support women in raising families.

I think there is still a lot more that needs to change in terms of support for women so that they are able to work and raise children. I love the #GirlBoss campaign, inspired by entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso’s 2014 book of the same name. I think it’s great that we celebrate women in leadership roles and women who run their own businesses.

Think you could #BeBoldForChange? Get in touch with our Talent Team to find out if you have the potential to excel in a recruitment career

JDR Energy open in New York in pursuit of US Renewables

  • By Charis Fisher
  • Published 19th January 2017
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Following unprecedented success in the EMEA energy market, JDR Energy have announced the launch of their first US office in New York.

The success of their London office has provided a strong platform to allow the expansion of their offering to better service the US market, operating from a new location in Park Avenue. This will serve as JDR Energy’s spring board to the East coast, before embarking on further expansion towards the West coast through their newly acquired office in San Francisco.

JDR provide hiring solutions across the full energy mix to top international clients from their offices in London, New York and Sydney. Their New York office will give special attention to the Renewable Energy market.

Matthew Pike will be at the helm of the New York venture as JDR Energy’s new US Country Manager. With extensive experience in international Energy recruitment, Pike’s vast knowledge of the sector will make him a valuable addition to the JDR team, working alongside JDR’s Managing Director Jack Rawcliffe to grow the recruitment specialists’ success in the US region.

Regarding this decision to continue their global expansion, Rawcliffe stated: “JDR Energy are very excited to announce the opening of our business in North America through our office in New York. We see a huge opportunity to partner with the Renewable market to help with the exciting growth plans over the coming months and years.”

“We intend to develop this growth into 2017/18 by pursuing further expansion with offices in California and Texas. As a business, we are feeling really positive about the future of the energy market in North/South America.”

For more information on openings with JDR Energy, you can reach the team directly on or visit

Read the published PR below

Recruitment International – JDR Energy opens New York Office

Opus provides Placement for Prince’s Trust Delegate

The Opus Professional Services Group recently provided a work placement for Kerry Phoenix from the Prince’s Trust development programme.

During Kerry’s placement at the global recruitment business’s Bristol headquarters on 12 January, she excelled at a huge variety of tasks across many different departments including Recruitment, Operations and Marketing. Taking the challenge in her stride, the new skills Kerry acquired included producing invoices and purchase orders, composing emails, checking CVs, researching blogs, writing job adverts and even designing digital artwork.

Though an office environment can be daunting for young people without any previous exposure to a workplace, Kerry did not let the experience overwhelm her. Louise Foster, Head of Learning & Development at Opus, stated: “It has been brilliant having Kerry at Opus today – she engaged well with everyone who spoke to her and came across as polite and eager to learn. I think she has surprised herself with what she is capable of achieving and I’m really proud of how well she has done.”

Kerry was introduced to Opus through their “World of Work” initiative in November last year, which was created to help young people from the Prince’s Trust gain essential job-hunting skills such as CV writing and interview preparation. She stood out in particular for her positivity and willingness to learn, which resulted in her being offered the work placement with Opus.

Kerry is one of the tens of thousands of disadvantaged young people who receive support from the Prince’s Trust every year to find work, training and education opportunities. Opus have pledged to continue to work with the charity in 2017 to combat youth unemployment in the UK through fundraising, volunteering and schemes like World of Work.

For more information on careers at Opus, please visit and view all our current vacancies here

Read the published PR below

Recruitment International – Opus continues its work with Prince’s Trust programme

Opus place on Virgin Fast Track for fourth year

The Opus Professional Services Group celebrate yet again after receiving another nationally recognised and respected award as they are named on the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 2016, which will be released on Sunday 4th December 2016.

Established in 2008, the global recruitment provider placed on the list at their earliest opportunity in 2012. They then went on to feature on the list again in 2013 followed by their highest 3 year annual compound growth figures in 2014. Although, despite their most incredible performance a late rule change made by the Virgin Fast Track meant they were no longer eligible.

In 2015, the Opus Group went on to exceed expectations and place higher on the list than ever before. With 20,000 recruitment companies in the UK, only 133 have ever made this list with a small handful of just 3 recruitment businesses achieving the desired rate of growth for four years. This makes the Opus Professional Services Group the top performing recruitment business in the UK, with predicted growth figures indicating that they will place on the list for a 5th time in 2017. Their six year consecutive elite performance will make them the fastest growing business in the country ahead of Innocent Smoothies and Spruce Aegis.

CEO of the Opus Professional Services Group, Darren Ryemill, comments, “This is an outstanding achievement for any business in the UK. Anyone who understands compound growth knows that to be listed once is a phenomenal achievement, but to continue that rate of growth over a 5 year period is a huge accomplishment.”

The recruitment specialist has six global offices with more expected to open in 2017. Opus will be making a considerable amount of new hires internationally in 2017. For more information, visit

This will be the 20th Anniversary of the Virgin Fast Track 100; an accolade described by Sir Richard Branson as the “definitive guide to the UK’s fastest growing businesses”.